Actors Film Academy is the most advance on camera training academy in the state of Utah. We provide a wide range services; courses and instruction that cover every aspect of the entertainment industry.
Our team of professionals teach everything from entry level auditioning to PRODUCING YOUR OWN FEATURE FILM. Our owner Joseph James who is also an Actor, Producer and Director and spent years in Hollywood working every job possible on wide range of pilots, feature films, TV shows, live tv, commercials, made for TV movies, music videos and much more.
He has produced his own successful feature films right here in Utah where he grew up and know he is passing on all of the secrets to you.
Our students learn to instantly start booking roles and making $100 a day because their competition is simply unaware of the rigorous protocol that real movie producers expect in an audition. We film each student over and over until they are able to see precisely why they are not booking roles and then we make minor adjustments which separates them significantly from their competitors. Our graduates have the highest technical understanding of how to walk into an audition and book a role possible and this information is not taught in colleges or anywhere else in the state.
We also specialize in…

-filming and editing professional demo reels for online-submissions
-advanced stunt-work
-weapons training
-hand to hand combat scenes
-feature film production
-screenwriting and movie distribution
-as well as consulting in other specific areas of the industry,

We offer classes for kids AND adults at ANY level of experience!!!


About Actors Film Academy

Our comprehensive workshop teaches you critical acting techniques, potentially helping you make hundreds of dollars a day on film sets.

DSC_3274The workshop can be tailored to your specific needs so please call or email to check availability and options(

Students perform scenes in front of a camera that is projected on a television so that the class can see and learn how the camera “sees”. The scene is also recorded on the individual student’s SD card (remember to bring your own at least 8 – 16 GB SDHC card [class 10 is preferred] or an external hard drive), so they can study later how they appear on camera and how their mannerisms come across. Instructors Tim Arnold and Joseph James direct each students scene and teaches them what they can do to appear more believable on camera.

DSC_2277You can withdraw from the course at anytime if you are not satisfied with your progress. However, we’re very confident that your progress will be dramatic and you will get cast much more. You can also do a one time trial of the class and sit in on one session so that you will know the value that is offered in this program.

Every one of your scenes and auditions will be filmed. At the end of the course you will have a large selection of scenes to study and continue to learn from. Scenes range from simple auditions to advanced scenes with fake guns, green screens, learning to cry on command and our outdoor rain scene. 

The Curriculum

We start by teaching you everything you need to know about the audition process. This entails what you wear, what to say and what you should expect and what is expected of you. This knowledge will increase your ability to get cast substantially. We will also film a mock audition so that we can analyze and improve your techniques.

Resume and Headshots (Please bring your acting resume and current headshot)
We will also help you refine your resume and give you the opportunity to take new headshots that comply with Hollywood requirements.

Set Protocol
We then teach you set protocol and how to maximize your days while on set and how to get re-hired.

The Tight Close-up
We teach you to master the tight close up.

Secrets to Memorization
We teach you how to memorize lines quickly and with minimal effort.

Working with Props
We give you props like fake guns, swords, food, bikes, etc to use a specific way and at certain times as you act out a scene. This simulates the reality of acting in a production scenario in which you have to memorize motions while you act out the lines that you have memorized.

Green Screen
We teach you how to act in front of a green screen and talk to people or characters who are not there but are added in through computer generated graphics later.

Car Scene
We will teach you how to act in a car scene in which the viewer will think you are driving a car (very advanced).

Rain Simulation
We end with a rain simulation which appears to take place in the rain, with blowing wind and lightning.